At “Ever to Excel” Association, we believe that knowledge helps us become better people and leaders and thus work for making society better too. Therefore, we strive for knowledge and constantly seek resources from which we can learn more about development, management and leadership. You can find a list of potentially useful resources on the current page. Please keep in mind that we are not connected to the developers and authors of these resources in any way.

Introduction to Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam

This free course will get you acquainted with project management basics. After you complete it, you will understand the definition of a project, and you will be able to identify the main Project Management elements. You will also learn how to manage project constraints such as time, cost, and scope. You will become familiar with Project Life Cycle’s concept and learn how to apply it in your work.

Teamwork Skills: Communicating Effectively in Groups

Teamwork and communication with others in a group are essential skills for your success. These involve challenges which this course will help you overcome. You will learn to manage conflict in the group, work with difficult people, facilitate group communication in virtual environments, and work efficiently in a team. The course will improve your understanding of group dynamics and teach you how to put them into practice.

Remote Leadership Training: How to Manage a Remote Team

Leaders need to know how to create an effective and productive environment for their team. Furthermore, remote leadership and managing a remote team have their specifics. This course will teach you how to handle them. After completing it, you will understand the challenges most people face when working from home. You will also have a toolkit of software and apps to work remotely effectively, and you will know how to create a virtual office for yourself and your remote team.

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