The mission of “Ever to Excel” Association is to inspire, teach and motivate people to be proactive in their personal and professional development. We design, implement, promote and cultivate non-formal educational projects for training and qualification for children, youth and adults. Thus, we strive to support sustainability in all aspects and areas of life and economic and cultural growth of the civil society.

We believe that everyone deserves a good life and that opportunities should be available to anyone. Inequality caused by lack of education is a huge issue we feel strongly about. We also believe that the process of education does not end after people leave school or college. Life-long learning is something that we practice and support.

Our project’s aim is to improve educational pathways and be the missing link between education and work. Many organizations say that their young employees do not receive all the relevant skills from schools and universities to get their jobs done. Non-formal education is often the missing ingredient in success – for teams and employees alike. Furthermore, today, retraining or up-skilling is increasingly necessary for people to remain resilient during times of change and reacting positively to labour market trends and reducing periods of unemployment.

Much of our work focuses on young people and leadership. Leadership skills are useful in many areas of life and work, while at the same time they’re not part of any school curriculum. We work to develop young leaders and to help them succeed in life and work through various youth development programs and initiatives.

We believe in young people and their powerful and valuable voice. We invite them to learn and act. Our team provides a foundation of knowledge and professionalism needed for tomorrow’s managers that believe the change for the good is possible. That is part of our mission.

We build meaningful relationships with employers and organizations willing to work with young people and champion their development. We believe connections between generations of leaders are important to young people and those who pass on the experience and wisdom gained in their life and work. The association facilitates the many ways organizations and young people can connect and help each other.

Our Work

“Ever to Excel” Association provides adaptable learning opportunities and new skills and knowledge. Our educational and developmental activities aim to motivate people to act and improve their confidence, abilities and decision making. We establish various learning methods such as:

Young Leaders Communities

Although most leaders are alone in their day-to-day, they don’t have to be. We realize that everyone, including those who lead others, needs support, and we strive to help with that by forming online and offline communities where young leaders can meet and communicate.

Leadership Skills and Training

We believe young people can greatly benefit from leadership training and programs and that a good leader also makes for a good person, and for one who is successful at life in general. Therefore we work with young leaders and young people with the potential for further developing that potential.

Online Connect Platform

As a bridge between organizations and young people. The connection between young people with leadership potential and organizations willing to support them is often missing. We work in the field and try to facilitate these relationships through developing an online platform with educational materials and places for discussion and communication.

Welcome to the website of “Ever to Excel” Association with ID No. 34840533. The association is a non-profit in public benefit registered in the European Union. Our activities are non-commercial, for the advancement of society and in line with our mission.

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