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The mission of “Ever to Excel” Association is to inspire, teach and motivate people to be proactive in their personal and professional development. We design, implement, promote and cultivate non-formal educational projects for training and qualification for children, youth and adults. Thus, we strive to support sustainability in all aspects and areas of life and economic and cultural growth of the civil society.

“Ever to Excel” Association works with a team of volunteers to achieve its goals and advance its mission. We are happy to welcome new members to our family of volunteers at any time. We strive to cover many areas of expertise, including management, leadership, training, coaching, marketing and technology. If you have experience in any of these areas and are willing to work with us to move society forward, please get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to hear more about your professional experience, as well as with youth and young leaders, and what motivates you to pursue the improvement of these aspects of society.

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Welcome to the website of “Ever to Excel” Association with ID No. 34840533. The association is a non-profit in public benefit registered in the European Union. Our activities are non-commercial, for the advancement of society and in line with our mission.