The mission of “Ever to Excel” Association is to inspire, teach and motivate people to be proactive in their personal and professional development. We design, implement, promote and cultivate non-formal educational projects for training and qualification for children, youth and adults. Thus, we strive to support sustainability in all aspects and areas of life and economic and cultural growth of the civil society.

Our Work

Munca noastra

“Ever to Excel” Association provides adaptable learning opportunities and new skills and knowledge. Our educational and developmental activities aim to motivate people to act and improve their confidence, abilities and decision making. We establish various learning methods such as:

Our team consists of professionals in the fields of training, leadership and organizational development. All of us believe in our shared mission and work towards improving education for young people and strengthening connections between aspiring young leaders and the organizations which need them.

At “Ever to Excel” Association, we believe that knowledge helps us become better people and leaders and thus work for making society better too. Therefore, we strive for knowledge and constantly seek resources from which we can learn more about development, management and leadership. You can find a list of potentially useful resources on the current page. Please keep in mind that we are not connected to the developers and authors of these resources in any way.

We need people with cause and skills for completing our purpose and mission. Become involved.

We are looking for partners from various life areas. If you like what we aim to do for our society, reach out to us.

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